An As-Built 3D CAD Model of the Stata Center

07/15/07 - 07/17/07

I am working on modeling the basement.
The basement have not been modeled previously.
There are three floors to the basement. I am working on the top most floor of the basement. This floor has mainly classrooms.
I found two different floorplans for the basement, and they are quite different from one another. The public one from is very simple, and just have the room outlines and room numbers (which is pretty convenient), but it's pretty accurate.

The floorplan from accessed with a password is very detailed. This is where the floorplans for the other 9 floors came from. But the basement plan here is vastly different than the real floor plan, making it pretty much unusable (which is strange, because the other floors are all okay.) When I layed both floorplans on top of each other, small portions overlap, ands so this is what I am using. But I am pretty much just using the simple floorplan to help me model. (In the pictures below, the black lines are from the simple floorplan, all the colored lines are from the isis floorplan.)

This what I modeled the last two days. I will add to this today and possibly this weekend.

I also made some stock "detailed details" for the basement like an glasswall, two different sized glasswall/windows, and glass doors (this is taken from what Jessi made for the third floor.

Today is Friday. I have spent this morning learning more about linux and (unsuccessfully) trying to build the model checker of Olivier's. I will go back to modeling shortly and will wait for help and more instructions on building the model checker.

Before starting on modeling the basement (my week before three days ago) I finished stacking the existing models of Stata. I also created a folder containing all the most up-to-date floor files and created a new .dwg file Xref-ing these floor files, containing in one file all the modeling Jessi, Xiao Xiao, Tiffany and I have done so far. Changes made to the different floorfiles in this folder in the future will be reflected in the new 'everything-together' file also.

Square area modeled: ~10000 ft^2
Number of Polygon modeled: 862
Floor Area covered: ~10000? ft^2