An As-Built 3D CAD Model of the Stata Center

07/23/07 - 07/27/07

The studentstreet is 99.5% complete. The none corridor sections (corridor sections = passageways to stairs leading to another floors) are manifold (minus some floor sections yet to be put in).

A few high-up windows are missing in the vassar street side. Floors need to be put in.
This week I have been working on the cafe area and the vassar street area. The cafe area and the area from cafe to student street lobby was worked on last week also. I spent ~2.5 days in the vassar street entrance area. (This area has a pretty irregular structure and need lots of measurements & time to model.) I have included pictures of this area below. Also, I modified the stairs and so that they are more stair-like instead of ramps. Pictures below also.

Plans for Friday and next week:

1. Finishing up student street model. Check for manifoldness
2. (I also found out this week how to make the model more 'clean' by getting rid of the 3d face vertice lines. This can be seen by the images of vassarstreet entrance below). CLEAN UP MODEL. take 'eye-level views from various locations.
3. Make better quality animated walkthroughs of the building after the model is cleaned up. Possibly divide student street into various distinct areas and make short walkthroughs of these (less confusing) Also make a animated walkthrough THOUGH the building (going up walkway, going down hangingstairs, look over over-hang... etc)
4. Find out about making first-person & plan view side-by-side. (research & ask around Friday)
5. Join Student street and 1st floor into one file. Check for manifoldness.
6. Work on continuing to model Floor_1 if all done with the previous.

Plans of the following week:

7. Models the overlooking-studentstreet(part of the higher-areas of studentstreeet) areas of Floor_3 more detailedly. (Right now the 3rd floor-height areas of the student street is modelsed pretty roughly.
I think it's a good idea to put studentstreet, Floor_1, and part of Floor_3 into one file.
8. Work on modifying the ucs and of all the files so that then can 'stack-up'.
9. Continue modeling Floor_1...etc

Pictures from vassar street:

Old stairs:

New stairs:

Next week I should have much better pictures and documentation of the studentstreet model. : )