An As-Built 3D CAD Model of the Stata Center

07/11/07 to 07/17/07

On the 3rd floor, I have been working on working on combining FP_03.dwg and FP_03_2.dwg and making them manifold, as well as looking over last year's work and fixing areas that were not manifold.

This area was split in half, but is now complete and manifold in FP_03_2.

I measured and modeled this office, including ceilings and floors.

This area had a lot of intersecting nonvertical walls and columns.

I also been working on combining icecream_wireframe.dwg with FP_03_2, but have not yet been able to get the scale and orientation correct.

Aside from that, I have 5 office areas and 4 staircases left to model.

Square area modeled: ~27000 ft^2
Number of Polygons modeled: ~3000
Floor Area covered: ~8000 ft^2