An As-Built 3D CAD Model of the Stata Center

06/22/07 & 06/25/07

We worked mostly on the student street lobby. In the student street lobby, there are many irregular hangingthings that are rather challenging to model. Because they were non-vertical, overhead, and also sometimes intersecting each other, we had to make many measurements to determine their size, shape and location.

We accomplished this by first using our measurements to draw many construction lines that determined the crucial end points of various elements of the hanging things.

The construction lines allowed us to then model the actual elements more efficiently.

The central lobby of the student street is I feel the toughest to model, and it is ~75% complete as of now. (It's all new. Modeling of this section was not attempted last year.)

A image of the central lobby with ceiling turned on but walls turned off.

A image of the central lobby with ceiling turned off but walls turned on.

Square area modeled: ~50000 ft^2
Number of Polygon modeled: ~1000
Floor Area covered: ~10000 ft^2
Student Street Central lobby is around 75% complete. Most of the major irregular/hard to model elements are completed or close to completion except for the overhead winding stairs.