An As-Built 3D CAD Model of the Stata Center

06/07/07 & 06/08/07

We worked on modeling the north section of Student street, first floor and the overhead walkway in these areas.

Student Street Overhead Walkway

Floor1 overhead Walkway

We are completed with this north section of floor1. (We did not put model the ceilings and floors yet because they are can be done easily off-site.)

We did put ceilings and floors on this "niche-lounge" because both the ceiling and floor changes elevation here. Also in this area is a small length of stairs. We modeled this stairs as a ramp instead and put it the 'stairs' layer. Later this ramp can be made into the accurate stair steps.

Square area modeled: ~15000 ft^2
Number of Polygon modeled: ~500 (because of the walkway is curved and some of the walls are non-vertical, we had to use many small polygons)
Floor Area covered: ~5000 ft2